All About Upward Bound  

Upward Bound is a federally funded educational opportunity program that prepares eligible high school students to enter and succeed in post-secondary education. The 6-week summer program includes academic, cultural, and recreational activities, creating a community environment where adolescents may develop personal and social skills in an atmosphere of respect while striving to pursue their academic dreams. The philosophy under which this specific program works is one of the "back-to-basics" approach. It is felt that students must start with self-awareness and understanding before they can best master academics; therefore, all aspects of the program are based on sensory learning styles, self-regulated learning, the Personal Styles Inventory, and the Motivational Awareness Profiling model. In this manner, students are provided with strategies and knowledge of strengths to implement in their academic and elective classes and in career exploration, to offer insight into dormitory life, and to enhance general life skills.

Students may apply to enroll in the program during their sophomore year of high school with the intent to remain a participant through their high school graduation (see the Related Links section at the top of the page). The program provides two contacts per student on a monthly basis during the school year; this may be at school, a regional meeting that includes parents, college visits, and on campus reunions. During the summer, students participate in a six-week residential program. Activities include academic classes in composition and literature, math , science, Spanish, career exploration, senior prep, electives and a college course for Bridge (those students transitioning from high school to college), a paid or volunteer work experience, guest lectures, a weekend camping trip for juniors and seniors, and a cultural trip for Bridge students.

To become a participant in Upward Bound, students must be potential first-generation college students and meet eligibility requirements that have been defined by the U.S. Department of Education. The program is appropriate for any student who has an interest in and shows potential for post-secondary education but may not have the academic history, motivational or social skills, or economic means to pursue it. Though the mission and broad based goals of Upward Bound are similar, not all programs have the same objectives and activities. School personnel or parents at the eleven target schools mentioned above, may inquire about obtaining an application or other information by contacting Darylen Cote, Director, Upward Bound, UM-Presque Isle, 181 Main Street. Presque Isle, ME 04769.